Weight Loss - Tips and Strategies - Eat, Drink, Follow and Maintain

Weight Loss Tips and Strategies – Eat and Drink

Nowadays body weight issue is a headache for people. Though a small amount of weight gain is not a concerning but obesity, you must care about it. Obesity isn’t just weight and getting fat issues, it makes our body prone to various serious ailments such as blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetics, joint pain, bad cholesterol issue and many more. There are lot many reasons for obesity in which the main reasons are eating processed and baked or junked foods, not doing exercise regularly, genetic inheritances, not eating all types of foods including vegetables etc. But don’t worry, you can kick-start the following weight loss tips to be out from many dangers.

Drink Some Water (Especially Before Meals)

It believed that drinking more water will help with the weight gain issue. Water will boost your metabolism and burn extra fats. It also helps in detoxifying our body through cleanses your stomach. From today replace beverages that are high in calories and sugar and drink more water. If you don’t want to get more calories from the meal then drink some water before 30-40 mins you eat. It will help to lower the meal amount.

Add Eggs or Protein to Your Daily Diet (Especially Breakfast)

As we all know that eggs are highly beneficial for health. Studies tell us that if we add eggs to our daily diet it will cut down some extra calories from our body through melting stored fat and slow down our hunger.

Although many of us don’t like eggs to eat, if you are one of theme then you can have some other protein-rich food as a replacement of egg. You also can have various protein powder or supplements available for the fight with protein crisis or availability.

Drink Coffee (Preferably Black with no Sugar)

Nowadays people are realizing that coffee is a very good healthy beverage for health. It loaded with antioxidants and other amazing components. Caffeinated coffee will boost your metabolism and lower the blood sugar level through which chances of type 2 diabetic occurring will be reduced heavily.

Drinking coffee regularly will help you burn extra fats and fight obesity. Black coffee is very effective for obesity remedy as it has no calories but feels you full. As weight loss tips one thing you have to remember that there should not be any added sugar.

Drink Green Tea (without Sugar)

Green tea is packed with various essential antioxidants which is a natural weight loss remedy available easily. Take green tea regularly without sugar boosts your metabolism, trigger weight loss and helps you fight the obesity problem.

Weight Loss Tips – Limit Sugar Intake

On average Americans eat more than 15 teaspoons of added sugar daily basis unknowingly through their daily habits which includes processed foods, sugar added to coffee etc. More sugar intake may gift you some serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, lowering metabolism rate etc.

Avoid Liquid Calories

Are you fond of fruit juices, sugary soft drinks, energy drinks, chocolates etc.? Then you are getting extra calories called liquid calories through this which makes you fatty. Our body mechanism can’t efficiently burn these calories, unlike solid calories. These bad calories may cause severe health conditions.

Avoid Processed Foods

If you eating processed food regularly then than from now leave this habit. Generally, processed foods have a high amount of added calories, fats, sugar, bad oil etc. which helps you to put extra weight.

Weight Loss Tips – Eat More Fiber

Eat more vegetables that are full of water-soluble fiber which delay stomach emptying, expands stomach and helps in the release of satiety hormones makes feel you full long hours. It also cleanses the colon and absorbs food nutrients you eat.

If possible always try to eat whole single ingredient food (Real Food) which efficiently delivers you more fiber content and makes you feel more full and slows down hunger.

You also can have Glucomannan Supplement which is a fiber and absorbs water and sticks in your stomach which makes you feel full and reduce your hunger and this ultimately helps you reduce body weight.

Weight Loss Tips – Avoid Refined Carbs

White bread, White flour, pastries, white rice, sodas, snacks, pasta, breakfast cereals, sweets, and added sugar.are the general source of refined curbs which are most beneficial but fiber element removed from that. That’s why it is easily digestible and cause more source of calories to our body and weight is gained. So, limit those things in snacks and meal to fight obesity.

Eat more Fruits and Vegetables (Low Carb-Diet)

Fruits and Vegetables are high in water, nutrients and water resource. They are low in calories which makes them extremely healthy and weight-loss-friendly foods. Eating more fruits and vegetables make you fill with very less extra calories intake.

Keep some Healthy Food & Water (when Outdoor)

In case if are planning to go outdoor you should always keep some amount of healthy food and a bottle of water along with so that whenever you feel hungry you can have that healthy boosts, not the bought one from unhealthy and processed beverages outside.

Weight Loss Tips – Get Enough Sleep

Sleep-deprived people are more likely prone to obesity, heart and hormonal related problems. A very prominent and efficient sleep is required to get a healthy life which includes 7-8 hours of deep sleep. It also helps in weight loss and future weight gain issues.

Do Yoga & Exercise Regularly (Especially Aerobic/Cardio)

Doing yoga and exercise regularly which may include running, cycling, power walking, jogging, hiking etc. It is a very good weight loss tips. Exercise is the best way to make strong physical and mental health as well as it burns many calories by boosting metabolic rate and providing a healthy heart. It reduces stubborn belly fat and fats in various organs.

Chew Properly & Eat Slowly

Whenever eat do it slowly which helps you digest well and feels stomach mechanism more full. Chewing slowly promote more secretion which will help us lose weight effectively.

Use Smaller Plates

Some studies have shown that one eat less when using smaller plates. Amount of food is shown more in this plate and feels you full after eating less. That is why the low amount of calories intake helps you in weight loss strategy.

Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is a procedure of taking low-calorie based foods and fasting in a certain manner. In this cycling process, our body understands the mechanism of burning stored fat when no food is there in the stomach. It helps our body to maintain a rhythm between getting energy from the food we eat and to burn fat and use that energy for our livelihood. Although it may weaken our muscle through breaking down our muscle fat. So it is highly recommended to consult and take advice from doctors/consultants before following this method.

Weight Loss Tips – Don’t Diet – Instead, Eat Healthy Food

If you are planning to fast more other than eat its not a good thing to your body. Healthy foods have the potential to melt your stored body fat and make you a healthier, happier and fitter person than ever before.

Brush Teeth after Meals

Develop habit brushing teeth after a meal. It reduces frequently eating snacks or eat between meals habit in many as snacks are tasted bad after brush and foods are also taste bad. This is how brushing may help you taking unnecessary snacks.

I will be glad to hear from you viewers. Please suggest me some weight loss tips in the comment box 🙂

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