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Shilajit – Benefits, Uses, Side Effects – Complete Guide

Millions of years ago due to many reasons the Indian continent and Asian continent collided and formed the Himalayan mountain (Shilajit contained Rocks) range between India and Nepal. In this formation, tropical forests were crushed, compressed and over centuries gradually decomposed and transformed into a nutrient and mineral-rich biomass loaded with powerful Humic and Fulvic acids.

In this formation, tropical forests were crushed, compressed and over centuries gradually decomposed and transformed into a nutrient and mineral-rich biomass loaded with powerful Humic and Fulvic acids.

Also, it has a combination of organic trace minerals, amino acids, plant-based antioxidants, carbon-60, and many more beneficial organic substances. This distinguishes it from any other trace minerals supplement. We can find Perfect integration of pristine essential nutrients in balanced ratios only in Shilajit. Thus our body can easily absorb, making it one of the best natural supplements of all time.

Humic and fulvic acids are those two key substances for shilajit’s efficiency to produce energy within the cell. Shilajit is one of the most amazing Ayurvedic medicine found from these biomass resins in high mountain crevasses during summer. Its purified form is made of an intriguing mixture of synergistic compounds to this.

Shilajit is a truly amazing and sticky substance that could have only arisen from the sophisticated craftsmanship of nature. It’s usage commonly in ayurvedic medicine as an effective and rejuvenating agent to produce energy in cells. Shilajeet or Shilajit is a Sanskrit word and known as Asphaltum means Winner of mountains rocks and destroyer of weakness.

Shilajit – Benefits & Uses

According to Ayurveda, Shilajit is generally useful as a health tonic or traditional nutritional supplement. In addition to its supplementary uses, it has properties to heal virtually all illnesses such as urinary disorders, piles, kidney stones, mental disorders, skin diseases, breathing disorders, reproductive organs, endocrine glands, thyroid gland, worm infestation, etc.

Rejuvenating Agent

Shilajit is a very good destroyer of our weakness of various types ranging from general debility to weakness due to diseases.

General Supplement and Immunity Booster

Shilajit provides us many of its rare beneficial elements along with ashwagandha, land amla as a general supplement to our body and provides strength. This strength ultimately boosts our immunity to combat and protect against infectious diseases by improving the quality of white blood cells.

Anxiolytic Properties

Shilajit has a significant anxiolytic property due to its fulvic acid content and it highly beneficial in all types of stress disorders and anxiety.

Shilajit helps in Breathing Trouble and Asthmatic Patients

Unlike other herbs, Shilajit may not dilate the respiratory tract or provides instant relief in breathing difficulties. If the person has breathing difficulty due to his physical weakness or physical exertion then Shilajit provides boosts and strength to respiratory muscles and recover those problems. Shilajit reduces the occurrence of asthma attacks and helps in obstinate asthma cases.

Spermatogenic Action

Shilajit acts as a spermatogenic agent which improves sperm quality, its quantity and also reduces the sperm mortality rate. It is helpful in Oligospermia by improving the optimum quality of the reproductive system and is excellent for the nervous system diseases of male reproductive organs and urinary system. Thus it is a very popular one especially in men for improving the quality of the sperms and treating male infertility in a natural way.


Shilajeet herb is a natural aphrodisiac as it increases the vigor and sexual stamina in men. Thus many stamina (sex-related) boosting products or medicines uses Shilajit as a crucial supplement. It also used in various sexual disorder in the male reproductive system such as for erectile dysfunction.


In fever condition, Shilajit’s Antipyretic action reduces and also prevents restlessness and body aches.


Can diabetic patients take Shilajit? The answer is Yes as Shilajit helps patients with diabetes especially recommended for Mellitus. However, the claims are not efficiently proved. But it is very efficient to provide strength, promotes pancreas functions and insulin sensitivity in the cells, prevent and reduce diabetic symptoms and complications.

It reduces frequent urination, act as nutritional supplements, prevents leakage of albumin and sugar through urination, also helps to treat mild to moderate type of glycosuria and proteinuria. Shilajit basically keeps a diabetic person physically and mentally fit and provide them good well-being.

Calcium, magnesium, and zinc have a very effective impact on type 2 diabetes as a study tell that a wide range of diabetic patients has a deficiency in magnesium which controls blood sugar level in our body. If there is a deficiency in calcium and zinc too there will be a higher chance of diabetes. There is also an element called Chromium, which found in Shilajit, can boosts glucose metabolism thus less insulin is required in our body.

Shilajit has Anti-inflammatory property

Shilajit has Humic and Fulvic Acid contents may reduce high neutrophils (it can damage tissues and level up inflammation) and inflammation in our body. Also, it’s  Potassium humate content reduces the level of numerous inflammatory substances in various cells through blocking the complement activation. Shilajit is beneficial for preventing and healing gastric ulcers and reducing the inflammation related to them.

Anti-viral (fights with viruses)

In Shilajit wide range of minerals and compounds found which not only alleviate inflammation, but it also has antiviral properties to against a number of herpes-related viruses and HRSV. Especially in children this virus causes respiratory tract infections. But before conclude finally more research work is needed by scientists.


Deposition of plaque (fats, cholesterol, and other substances) only occurs when the inflammatory lesion is present in the arteries. Recent studies show that not only the high lipids in the blood but low-grade inflammation in the blood vessels also cause atherosclerosis. Here also Shilajit is very beneficial for these people.

Some months of Shilajit usage reduces cholesterol and lipids from the blood which further prevents plaque deposition. It also provides more flexibility and elasticity to blood vessels and reduces the chances of a heart attack.

Arthritic Disorders, Provide Strength to Bones and Joints

Shilajit’s anodyne and anti-inflammatory action is very helpful in muscle and joint-related arthritic disorders. It reduces and make relief some pedal edema and mild pain but may not efficient for all pains. Shilajit is more effective in osteoarthritis but not very efficient for rheumatoid arthritis. It reduces inflammation, joint pain and also strengthen them by providing essential and required nutrition to joints in osteoarthritis.

These nutrients include Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium, Cuprum, Silicon, Strontium, Nickel, etc. are carry an important role in making stronger bones and joints. Especially with turmeric and ginger Shilajit resin also reduces various chronic inflammation as it has magnesium content.

Shilajit act as a Heart Tonic, Blood Detoxifier & Improves Circulation

Some recent studying using rats noted Shilajit has a heart-protective effect and improve heart health through increasing levels of the master antioxidant Glutathione. Shilajit has much amount of iron and copper which promotes the oxygen-carry capacity of blood cells and also improves RBC counts when its cobalt content formulate Vitamin B12.

Potassium and calcium combination reduces the negative effect of salt intake, LDL cholesterol (which is bad for health) and regulates blood pressure through maintaining heartbeat rate and breathing rates under stress. Not only these Vitamin E also important to prevent heart diseases and protect from atherosclerosis. Also, there is Vanadium in Shilajit, some study also says that it plays a role in regulating sugar metabolism and cholesterol.

Improves Brain’s Functions, Especially Alzheimer’s disease, Acts as a Nootropic

The numerous compounds (such as fulvic acid) found in shilajit which are a slow decomposed of plant matter with B complex vitamins may be helpful for boosting brain function and to fight with cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s.

Shilajit is also helpful in level up testosterone which plays an important role in our thinking pattern and a small molecule called dibenzo-alpha-pyrones has a special power to prevent the breakdown of the brain chemicals needed for memory. Shilajit inhibits the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine. It is a neurotransmitter that is very beneficial for preventing stress and aging through efficient brain function, increase concentration, learning, and memory.

Shilajit helps to transport various nutrients, minerals, oxygen into the brain cells, increases the antioxidant level and detoxify potentially damaging proteins like beta-amyloid plaque and tau. They can be stored up over time in the brain and cause cognitive decline. For the nervous system, Tau proteins have an important role but its buildup can trigger brain cell damage. However, more clinical trials and research work to be done before conclude finally.

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Shilajit: Warnings and Possible Side Effects

Still far we have seen numerous amounts of health benefits of Shilajit. Now its time to discuss the risk factors and possible side effects of it.

  • Shilajit generally lowers our blood pressure, that’s why patients with heart issues or with hypo-tension should not take it or take only after consultation with respective doctors.
  • Some study indicates that with certain doses Shilajit can regulate heart rates, lower its dose lowers the heart rate and if one takes a higher dose it shows the opposite effect such that positive chronotropic effect, in this case, it will increase the heart rate. So, one who has irregular heartbeat must consult their doctors before taking it.
  • Shilajit generally acts as a Nootropic but if one is taking its unpurified form may slowing down the brain and worsening cognition. So, before taking it you should verify you are taking good quality purified shilajit or not.
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