Chickpea - Nutrition, Plant, Health Benefits - A Super-food

Chickpea – Nutrition, Plant, Health Benefits – A Super-food

Chickpea is a world-famous nutrient-rich food. It’s very beneficial for health due to its high content of nutrients such as Sodium, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium etc. It is one of the most consumed pulse-category food. There are various types and names of it all over the world like Bengal Gram, Chana, Garbanzo or Garbanzo bean, Egyptian pea, Pea, Horse Gram etc. To know more keep reading.

Chickpea – Nutritional Value

The nutrition-table below describes how much of the various elements present in chickpeas and also compared with that required to our body on daily basis. Considering a general person maintaining on a daily 2,000 calorie diet chart will get the daily value is mentioned for every 100 grams of chickpeas consumed. The estimated amount may vary depending on the health condition and diet-chart you are on.

Chickpea’s Nutrients Details (Approx) – Per 100 grams – Calories 364
Nutrient TypeSub CategoryAmount (in grams)Daily Value (in %)
Total Fat( 6 grams, 9 percent)Saturated Fat0.63
Polyunsaturated Fat2.7
Monounsaturated Fat1.4
Total Carbohydrate( 61 grams, 20 percent)Sugar11
Dietary Fiber1768
Minerals & SaltsCalcium10
Potassium875 mg25
Sodium24 mg1
Cholesterol0 mg0

Chickpea – Health Benefits and Uses

There are numerous health benefits of eating chickpeas. It enhances various organic mechanisms in our body and boosts the immune system and thus helps to protect from various health issues. Chickpea acts as a tonic for our body. Following are the medicinal properties.

1) Chickpea Keeps Heart Healthy

Chickpea is very good for the heart. As it is high magnesium rich food, maintain a healthy heart by strengthening blood vessels and help in prevents various cardiovascular problems.

2) Protects from Anaemia

Mainly Anemia caused by one of these factors – a decrease in RBCs (Red Blood Corpuscles) in blood, a decrease in the ability of blood carrying oxygen or amount of hemoglobin bond in the blood. Chickpea is high in iron which helps in hemoglobin production and improves blood RBC count. It will ultimately help to carry oxygen through blood to the various organs.

3) Chickpea has Anti-Cancer Property

Chickpea or Horse Gram has certain compounds which help possess anti-cancer properties. It protects from some types of tumor and cancer by removing bad and foreign cells from our body and regenerate new ones.

4) Prevents Obesity – Losing Weight

Nowadays many of us are suffering from the obesity issue. If you are suffering from weight gain issues then Bengal Grams is a very good remedy for you. It has a high amount of fiber content which helps to clean the stomach and intestine pathway, boosts metabolism and melts body fats very easily. Fiber-rich foods also fill your stomach and make you less hungry. Through which lowering the appetite which ultimately helps in losing weight and makes you confident enough.

5) Cures Constipation

You can be suffering from many health issues such as gas, acidity, diarrhea, headache, vomiting etc. if your digestive system is not cleaned well. Chickpea is high in fiber content which helps more stool production and cleanses the digestive tract (i.e. intestine, stomach) and thus prevents boring stomach and cures constipation.

6) Provides Energy and Boosts Immunity

Chickpea is high in various carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals which provides instant boosts after intake. It is one of the top healthy food thus horses are also fed chickpea. Protein available in it helps fuel to body for building muscles. Methionine compound helps regeneration of cells effectively and fight against diseases to attack.

7) Chickpea Helps in Diabetes

It helps production of more insulin which absorbs excess glucose from the body which reduces glucose in blood circulation. Thus beneficial for diabetic patients.

8) Chickpea Helps in Hormonal Regulation

Chickpeas are beneficial for maintaining good regulation of hormones, mood swings during the menstrual period, especially in women. It’s Phytonutrient and Saponin compounds control the estrogen which helps prevention of breast cancer and osteoporosis.

9) Increase Semen and Cures Low Sperm Count

Nowadays due to the high amount of pollution and fertilized foods many men are suffering from thin, low volume semen and low sperm count problem which leads to infertility. It also causes disharmony in married life. Chickpea has the ability to cure it effectively. Daily intake of chickpeas makes semen thick, increases sperm count which cures infertility problems and blessed with children.

10) Increase Sexual Power

Eat a handful of soaked chickpeas on a daily basis in the morning after cleansing your mouth, it will help instant energy and provide essentials nutrients to our body. That is how sexual power will be gradually increased.

11) Chickpea Controls Blood Pressure

A research paper said that if young children eat more amounts of folic acid, their hypertension tendency decreases. Chickpea contains a good amount of folic acid. Therefore, it is easy to control blood pressure by eating a handful of soaked Chickpeas regularly.

12) Removes an old Cough

Dry fry chickpea has the ability to remove old stored cough related problems. It boosts immunity and helps us fight with viruses, bacterias.

13) Helps with Nerves

Chickpea has a high amount of Vitamin B which very good for nerves and helps cures any kind of body-pain related issues specially bone-pain.

14) Chickpea Provides a Glowing Healthy Skin

It is not only beneficial for health issues but also helps to get a smooth, glowing, younger looking healthy skin. Nutrients present in chickpea powder absorbed through skin pores and makes the skin healthier than ever before.

How to Consume Chickpeas

Take purified drinking water in a bowel and soak some amount of chickpeas overnight, separate it from the water, wash it well, then in the morning empty stomach take a handful of soaked chickpeas with lemon juice, salt, ginger pieces, black pepper powder, and mix cumin daily for some months. This will help you keep energized throughout the day and you can concentrate your work very efficiently. You will notice changes after a few weeks.

Chickpea – Types & Which one is the Best

There are various types of Grams are available in the market such as black grams, green grams, red grams etc but Horse gram is the best one. The name may be sound unusual but its the best gram available among all pulses. Race-horses need more power than any other cases out there. They need high boosts in their stamina to win the running race. To serve this purpose horse gram are fed to them.

Horse Gram – A Super food

Among various highly-nutrient foods, Horse Gram secures the position of superfood due to its following properties.

  • It has a high amount of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Protein. Chickpea is one of the highest calcium-rich food among other variety of pulses.
  • Horse Gram also high in carbohydrate and fiber-rich content. Due to its low amount of fat and sodium content makes it perfect for obesity and diabetic patients.

Is there anything else? Please mention in the comment box below.

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